I wanted to thank you first of all for always being so supportive and always getting back to me with personal, thoughtful messages. The thing I love about Carney's is that you guys are so warm, inviting and personal. You always make me feel like my kid's education, and my concerns are of your utmost concern, that really means a lot to me!

Amy Y.

Having a child that struggles academically can be overwhelming.  The first time I brought my daughter to Carney's Tutoring, I knew that I had come to the right place.  For 2 years now, Jennifer has built my daughter's confidence each week in a fun, loving environment.  She always focuses on what my daughter can do well and teaches her strategies to build off her strengths.  My daughter is able to grasp grade level concepts in a relaxed setting.  She loves going back to school to show off her "Carney Tricks" with her classmates and teachers!  Jennifer Carney has a way of connecting with my daughter, is always ready to cheer her on to do her very best and understands that each child learns in their own special way. 

A grateful mom,

Melissa C.

My daughter has attended regular tutoring sessions at Carneys since she struggled her freshman year.  She made only A's and B's in
middle school, but once she began high school she was challenged in math and science.   I am grateful for the entire staff at Carney's, especially Mr. Ripps and Mrs. Monteith.  My daughter has never dreaded going to tutoring and leaves feeling much more confident with each session. In this process, she's not only gained confidence, but I feel that she's mastering skills in preparation for college.  All of the instructors are encouraging, help her work through concepts and she leaves feeling much more prepared in her coursework.  Also I'm grateful for Jennifer who makes every effort to accommodate my daughter's busy schedule at the high school. 

Dayna F.